Common Issues On Roofs

Common Issues On Roofs

After spending many years in the business of home improvements, we have found a common pattern with some work. Some of it is garden or driveway related, others is on the roof of your home. For example, some people never think about their roof until they have a problem.

How this can be the case, is quite mind boggling since a new driveway, patio, wall or garden will cost a fraction of what a new roof would cost. Maybe since its up high and not visually in front of their face, they never notice it until it has developed into a problem.

These costly problems such as sagging roofs, loose tiles, leaks and other serious damage that can occur to your roof, can all be avoided by carrying out visual inspections every year! So please, save yourself a lot of money and stress in the long term by carrying out checks before it turns bad. Here are some roofers that can help you with :-

Another impressive way of improving your home is with painting the roof. A lot of roofs are not built using natural stone or slate, they are done using a manufactured slate which will fade over time. On top of that is the moss and algae that can grow. By getting it cleaned off every couple of years, it will keep the gutters clean and downpipes flowing freely as well.

If you opt for painting the roof, some of the more common colours are terracotta, slate grey and charcoal black. There are some outlandish colours as well such as green and blue but most homeowners will try to blend in and not stand out like a Christmas tree!

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